Your DVS (Digital Vinyl System) can be used in different play modes. The main modes in Serato, Traktor and Virtual DJ are Absolute (ABS) and Relative (REL). I will explain the major difference between these modes and share 3 reasons why i use Relative mode and why you should/could use it too.

I will be releasing a full length indepth video about ABS, REL and INT mode in Serato this weekend so stay tuned for that!

Absolute mode is the closest you can get to real vinyl. Your control vinyl will work the same way as regular vinyl, meaning that the song you load into your virtual deck will always start at the beginning of your control vinyl. In order to play your song from the start, you will have to place your needle at the beginning of your control vinyl.
When you use Absolute mode your hot cue and loop functions will not work.

In Relative mode it's a different story. Now the position of the song does not depend on the position of the needle, meaning that any part of your control vinyl can be the starting point of the song you load into your virtual deck. This changes the way you can DJ because it allows you to work faster and use extra functions like your hot cues and loops.

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