Check your levels! (Tuesday Tips)

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It's very easy, but somehow a lot of DJ's do not pay enough attention when it comes to the output levels on their mixer. Checking your levels can make a big difference for your transitions and audio quality so never forget to keep an eye on your volume!

When your making a transition you want the volume on both tracks to be around the same level. Of course you mess around with volume and eq during the transition, after the transition the new track should sound just as loud as the last track.

Even more important is the master volume. A lot of DJ's will go full throttle on the master gain and the LED's will be red. This means that the audio is too loud and it will clip and get distorted. In other words: you are decreasing the quality of your audio and that's never a good thing.

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If you need more volume you should always contact the engineer/soundman and ask him to increase the volume of the sound system while you keep your levels in the green (around 0 decibel).

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!

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