Dealing with ‘hate’ from people (haters)

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A 14 year old DJ wants to know how to deal with the hate he's been receiving from some of his (former) friends and other people after he DJ'ed at their school.

Don't spend any of your time and/or energy on negative energy! Focus on yourself and your goals and never let another person's envy bring you down. A real friend will support you and if they have a negative comment, they will tell you in a constructive way to help you.

Having said that, I do feel it's important to address the fact that nowadays any opinion that's not 100% positive is somehow labeled as “hate”. To me, that's crazy! If someone has negative comments, but they can give me a legit reason for feeling this way, I will always respect that. Sometimes negative feedback can even help you prevent from making the same mistake again (if you did something ‘wrong').

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So be honest with yourself. Was the gig really that good? Was the majority of the crowd having a great time during your set? Did you perform well? If this was the case, but your friends are just being negative without a legit reason, they are haters and you do not need them in your life.

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!


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