DJ Ripley | Sunday DJ Spotlight with DJ Kilma #56 #DJNTV

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Rooted in jungle, breakcore, dancehall and dub, DJ Ripley weaves together bass sounds from cities all over the world, especially where immigrants bring their sounds from home and mix them with electronic beats. Her goal: to transform dancefloors into spaces for subversive pleasure, celebrating shared histories and their conscious dialogue, using music to challenge hierarchies: borders, genres, dominant definitions of gender and sexuality, to make systems quake and feel good doing it.

Brewing a lively combination of genres since 1995, Ripley has branched out into cumbia, bhangra, azonto, baile funk, UK garage, soca, afrobeats, dancehall, kuduro, gqom, dembow, and dark bass sounds of breakcore, jungle, juke, booty bass, grime, jersey club (and other club musics). Her eclectic, high-energy sets spring from deep intuition and fearless sonic innovation on-the-fly, for dance experiences that welcome all backgrounds, sexualities, races, and genders. She's opened minds and lit up dancefloors across 22 countries on three continents. Nurtured in Boston’s Toneburst Collective in the 90s, Ripley toured across Europe and the US, in 2006 she co-founded Surya Dub (SF) and was voted “Best Dance DJ 2009” in the SF Bay Guardian. In 2011she joined Dutty Artz (NYC), and in 2015 she co-founded the groundbreaking HEAVY series with DJ Anna Morgan, bringing together the heaviest bass music across a global spectrum for an experimental and inclusive experience! She has also cofounded SUBVERSION PHL with Philly-based DJs Cristiña and Sideswipe.

As Dr. Larisa Kingston Mann (Department of Media Studies & Production at Temple University), she is an accomplished public speaker and writer on questions of culture, technology, law and power. Beginning with scholarship on copyright law and Jamaican creative practices, she has expanded her research to examine how and when marginalized communities can use cultural practices to subvert dominant systems of power – especially the role of illegal creative sites like pirate radio and street parties. She is investigating surveillance and safety in nightlife, AI and new technologies and their impact on and in culture, copyright and questions of cultural ownership, and many more issues (further details on her research is here) She is available for public speaking including presenting her research, panel discussions or interviews.

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DJ Ripley | Sunday DJ Spotlight with DJ Kilma #56 #DJNTV