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My main source for music (DJ pools). List in the description.

A lot of people ask me where I get my music from and my main source is DJ pools. I'm currently subscribed to Franchise Record Pool, but I'm looking into other DJ pools.

I'm going to make a list of all the DJ pools (below) and I would like you to help me out. If you are subscribed to a DJ pool please share the info in the comments. Let us know why you chose that DJ pool and also share if there are things you don't like about that DJ pool. Be sure to add the pricing info so I can put that info in the list as well.

Electro Voice
Perfect Portals
Promo Only

Most DJ pools are only for DJ's so you may have to answer some questions about where you play to become a member.

THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! I will add links and pricing info asap (plus some pro's and cons if I get that info). Please share your info to make this a complete list.

– BPM Supreme. 19,99 per month.

– Crate Connect. $19,99 per month.

– Digital DJ Pool. $12,- per month ($1,- for a 5 day trial)

– Digiwaxx. Free

– DJ City. $30,- per month.

– DJ Service Pack. Free?

– Franchise Record Pool. $19,99,- per month.

– iDJ. $50,- per month.

– Latenight Record Pool. $47,- per month

– LMP Record Pool. For full access you need to subscribe for 1 year ($350,-)

– My MP3 Pool. $19,95 per month.

– Promo Only. Specific bundles and packages from $12,- to $100,- per month

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!

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