DJNTV Insider Membership Levels

Our passion has always been to help mobile DJs grow and improve their businesses. The Disc Jockey News started as a way to reach a larger audience with quality information and help those that might not be able to afford trips to the major DJ convention with a place to start learning and growing.

We have provided 11 years of quality information via the Disc Jockey News, and now we are creating quality information and sharing this via video. The goal is to continue to provide this quality, timely information that you can use to keep your business running smoothly and successfully!!

Now, we are bringing weekly DJ Convention level seminars to you EACH WEEK!

Level Price  
Keep Up To Date on the DJNTV Insider (not full access) Free Select
DJNTV Insider LITE (No Print Version Mailed) $10.00 per Month. Select
Passionate DJNTV Insider Yearly Rate with Convention Series and DJN Subscription $125.00 per Year. Select
Rabid DJNTV Insider with Convention Series and DJN Subscription $20.00 per Month. Select
Rabid DJNTV Insider Yearly Rate Convention Series and DJN Subscription $200.00 per Year. Select
DJNTV Monday Night Convention Series Sponsor (private individuals only) $50.00 per Month. Select
DJNTV Corporate Convention Series Sponsor $200.00 per Month. Select

All paid levels have access to the full Convention Series Member's Only set of videos.

John Young With DJ Tips

DJNTV has been creating content for mobile DJs since 2014. Each week we have a variety of shows to help mobile DJs grow their business. Now, it is time to up our game and give you a convention level seminar each week for DJNTV Insiders along with our regular weekly programming.

As an insider, you will have access to our member's only video area, access to the Monday Night DJNTV Convention Series, access to our private facebook group, and access to the weekly printable music charts!

John Young With A Live Chat from DJ Expo 2015
John Young With A Live Chat from DJ Expo 2015

You can sign up as a DJNTV Insider  at the link below. This will be a monthly or yearly subscription that you can manage with your login information at any time. You will have access to all of the videos released during the time of your membership as long as your membership is valid.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at

-John Young