DJNTV Schedule: Monday Night Live Chats

DJNTV Schedule 2017

Monday Night Live DJ Chat
Each show will be streamed on Youtube at and Facebook at

This is the tentative schedule. It may and probably will change 🙂

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Weely Schedule (times Eastern)

9:00 pm: Live Interview Show

10:00 pm: DJNTV Team

DJ News Live Chat: After our weekly interview shows, Shani Barnett, Michael Joseph, Dan Carpenter, and John Young will hit the hot DJ Topics of the week in this quick, 60 minute rundown of things you NEED TO KNOW!! (start times will vary, it will go live right after our last Monday night interview)

Starting A DJ Business: The Numbers Side with Dr. Drax and John Young See our past shows here:

Tuesday Night With Ben Stowe: 9:00 pm EST: Each week, Ben Stowe tackles a question on the gear we use each week! You can see the full playlist here:

Tuesday Night Chat with Brian and John: 10:00 pm EST: Each week, Brian S Redd and John Young talk music.. See Their past shows here: