DJNTV Virtual Expo 2020

DJNTV Virtual Expo 2020
October 12-13, 2020
6:00 pm – 11:59 pm Eastern

Seminars • Training • Show Only Gear Discounts • Post Show Hangout Room

Two nights of seminars and training for mobile DJs.

Sponsored by: DJ Event Planner, Promo Only, Bubble Parties and NLFX Pro

Demo Rooms Free To Attend:
DJ Event Planner Room opens 5:00 pm Eastern Monday and Tuesday: DJEP Demo Room with Fletcher Price: passcode: djep

NLFX Pro Room opens 5:00 pm Eastern Monday and Tuesday: NLFX Live Chat Room DJNTV Virtual Expo 2020: passcode: nlfxpro

Bubble Parties Room opens 5:00 pm Eastern Monday ONLY: Bubble Parties Live Chat Room DJNTV Virtual Expo 2020: passcode: djntv

Promo Only Room opens 5:00 pm Eastern Monday and Tuesday: Promo Only Live DJNTV Virtual Expo Exhibitor Room: passcode: promoonly

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Seminars start at 6 pm Eastern:
Monday Night One
1. Jim Cerone: Be A Different DJ: 28 minutes
2. Michael Joseph: Dealing With Haters: 26 minutes
3. Kristin Wilson: Increasing Your Wedding Revenue: 25 minutes
4. Shani Barnett: Keeping Yourself Relevant For 4th Quarter 2020: 32 minutes
5. Mitch Taylor: Give Up The GHOST!: 28 minutes
6. Steven Iwersen: How To Make Sales In A Virtual World: 26 minutes
7. Mark Cpin: My Wedding Was Going To Be Awesome, Until..: 30 minutes
8. Sean McKee with Jamie Perez, Jordan Marshall, and Michael Langsner Old School vs New School: 25 minutes
9. Stevie Ray: How To Stabilize And Grow Your DJ Business: 35 minutes
10. Thomas Heath: How To Be A Co-Creator With Your Clients: 26 minutes

Tuesday Night Two:
1. Bill Hermann: What It Takes To Make An Impact: 32 minutes
2. Randy Bartlett: Is It Talent Or Skill?: 30 minutes
3. Alan Berg: Making Wedding Sales In A COVID World: 40 minutes
4. Ben Stowe: What Is It Going To Take To Move Forward and Grow: 10 Minutes
5. Jason Alexander: Let’s Talk Content Marketing And SEO: 40 minutes
6. Mike Walter: Taking Your Party To A New Level: 17 minutes
7. Ron Ruth with Adrianne Harris: 10 Steps To Determining Your Customer’s Lifetime Value: 36 minutes
8. Johnathan Simmons: Five Ws and an H: 31 minutes
9. Jessica McKelvey: Create and Cultivate Authentic Vendor Relationships That Increase Leads And Bookings: 35 minutes
10. Michelle Miller: How To Build Your Personality Brand Online and Stand Out From Your Competition: 25 minutes
11. Donnie Lewis: GrandVJ Wedding Cake Video Mapping Tutorial: 32 minutes

The 2020 Virtual Expo is $25 per attendee or FREE as part of the DJNTV Insider Membership! Click the link above and log into the website to see if your membership level covers this event!

Want to watch? This is a ticketed event and each ticketed attendee will be able to watch the show live, and watch the recorded videos after the event.

Want to present? Seminars are 30 minutes. The Fall Virtual Expo is full, but contact John for more information on the February 2021 event and those paid speaking slots at