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I had no internet at the studio yesterday so welcome to Tuesday Tips on Wednesday! 🙂

djTLMtv is growing and so is the amount of content. It's easy to get lost in the video's and possibly miss out on items that could have been very useful for you.
There are things you can do to make sure that you are taking full advantage of the things djTLMtv has to offer.

The djTLMtv YouTube channel is the #1 source for DJ tips and tutorials and the channel page has a couple of useful options:

Electro Voice
Perfect Portals
Promo Only

– Playlists. These are collections of video's that have something in common (tutorials, reviews, tuesday tips, etc) so if you want to see all review video's you just click on the reviews playlist and sit back and enjoy.

– Channel Search. This is an often overlooked feature that is amazingly useful! With the channel search bar you can search for subjects within the djTLMtv video library. This is a perfect way to check if I've already done a video about the question you want to ask. Just type in any word or sentence and the search result will show all djTLMtv video's that have that word in the title or tags.

The djTLMtv website offers more information that you can't find on the YouTube channel:

– Newsletter. You can sign up for the djTLMtv newsletter to receive a monthly email with links to all the video's that I posted in the last month! I also post updates and new downloads in the newsletter so it's a great source to keep you up to date.

– About. The About page on the website shows a lot more information than the About page on YouTube. Check out the fact sheets, full discography and DJ-graphy if you want to know more about me.

– Contact. You can reach me through a lot of different services, but THE BEST way to contact me is through one of the email addresses that you can find in the contact section.

– Audio. I get so many questions about the free beats and sounds. A lot of people are still having trouble downloading the free content. The Audio page on the djTLMtv website is the only place you'll ever have to visit. It has a SoundCloud player with a selection of my mixtapes (stream) and the djTLMtv SoundCloud player with all the free beats and scratch tools. All the files in the djTLMtv SoundCloud player have a donwload button. Click and enjoy.

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!


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