The DJNTV Mini Sessions

July 10-11, 2017

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Eastern Time Zone

The Mini Sessions:

The live show will be here during the event. The videos will be removed after the show due to music used during the event.

Monday Night

8:00 pm: Keith KoKoruz: Increase Your 2018 Bookings TODAY

8:15 pm: Dan Carpenter: DJ Event Itineraries

8:30 pm: Rob Peters: The How To Of Follow Up

8:45 pm: Johnathan Simmons: So You Want To Be A Full Time DJ

9:00 pm: Matt Peterson: Performing For Outdoor Events

9:15 pm: Ron Ruth: Gear For Remote Recordings

9:30 pm: Mitch Taylor: The Business Card Next Step

9:45 pm: Jason Spencer: Tools For Your DJ Business Success

BONUS SESSION: Justin Miller: Gather Feedback From Your Events

Tuesday Night

8:00 pm: Jeremy Martorano: The Magic Of Lighting

8:15 pm: Dean Carlson: Dinner Kissing Ideas

8:30 pm: Joe Bunn: Handling Guest Request With Style

8:45 pm: DJ Kilma: Simplifying Your Little DJ Life

9:00 pm:  Mike Walter: DJ Music History Lessons

9:15 pm:  Jeremy Brech: Converting Your Event Room

9:30 pm:  Ben Stowe:  New Life For Old LED Lights

9:45 pm:  Brian S Redd: The BSR Chill Songs

Bonus Session: Alan Berg: 4 Parts Of Making The Sale

You can get the link to watch the shows after the showings by joining the DJNTV Insider area at

The shows start at 8:00 pm Eastern.