The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that everything you need will be available at the club/venue. Today's tip will hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes I made over the years.

First thing you do when you get booked is ask what kind of equipment they have or you send them your technical rider (list with all the equipment you need). This will ensure that they get the equipment you need or (at least) let you know what they have available.

Second thing to remember is that you ALWAYS bring the essential stuff yourself. Things like headphones, slipmats, needles/cartidges for the turntables, usb cables, rca cables, the power supply for your laptop, etc.

If you use usb drives or sd cards (for cdj's) make sure you double up and bring backups.

Remember these tips and have fun at your gig!

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!

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