Int his week's episode, Dan Cheney looks at songs in this top 10 chart where performer Ric Ocasek was the lead singer. This eliminated some popular Cars songs which Ric wasn't lead singer.

The Music Charts Archive Show Playlist:

10. Touch and Go 1980: Panorama
9. Why I Can’t I Have You 1985: Heartbeat City
8. I’m Not The One 1986: Greatest Hits
7. Hello Again 1984: Heartbeat City
6. You Are The Girl 1987: Door To Door
5. Emotion in Motion 1986: This Side Of Paradise
4. Magic 1984: Heartbeat City
3. Tonight She Comes 1985: Greatest Hits
2. You Might Think 1984: Heartbeat City First MTV Music Video Award
1. Shake It Up 1981: Shake it Up

Ric Ocasek Top 10 As Lead Vocal | The Music Charts Archive Show with Dan Cheney #DJNTV