Tally G | Sunday DJ Spotlight with DJ Kilma #54 #DJNTV

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Tally G (formerly known as Lunarsequence), hails from the American southwest. She started playing progressive house and breakbeats on vinyl in the early 2000s in central New Mexico and West Texas, weaving dirty beats in mixes for clubs and desert parties. In 2015, while living in the San Francisco Bay Area shortly before her return back home to El Paso, Texas, she decided to pursue the musical genre she had always loved, but had become obsessed with by 2010: drum and bass. The now defunct Lifted Podcast was in regular rotation on her playlists and thus became the initial catalyst for her launch into the world of DnB.

Inspired by the drum and bass events in San Francisco and Oakland, California, she started getting the feel for the various sub-genres of DnB, settling mostly on the dark, bass-driven sounds of darkstep and half-step, with a sprinkling of techy and liquid sounds. Her ear for good music is fine-tuned, and she does not limit herself to any single sub-genre.

Now living back in southern New Mexico while attending graduate school, she was disappointed that the electronic music scene of her younger years no longer included drum and bass, so she and some friends decided to try their hand at throwing their own drum and bass shows. Thus, her monthly DNBtherapy was born. Still thriving over a year later, she and the rest of DNBtherapy are working on expanding their fan base by bringing their sounds to various venues in the El Paso metropolitan area.

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Tally G has recently been a featured guest DJ with the DNB Girls with a recent exclusive mix. Additionally, she released an exclusive mix for the weekly Rave Atlas podcast, and was a featured musical artist locally with Bordertown Underground (links in press and mixes pages).

Tally G is a published author, having a personal narrative accepted into the Raver Stories Project. She is also a brand ambassador for Rave Atlas, a free online resource detailing everything rave globally. Outside of the club/rave world, she is a certified secondary language arts and reading teacher.

Tally G’s affiliations are DNBtherapy (El Paso borderland), Orion Records (St. Petersburg, FL), Rave Atlas (Earth), and is a resident DJ on Sparks 101.3 FM, a UK-based internet radio station specializing in drum and bass. Her radio show is every Friday from 2-4 p.m. MST.

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