The First 5 Things A New DJ Needs To Know | Live DJ Chat with Brian S Redd and John Young | #DJNTV

The First 5 Things A New DJ Needs To Know | Live DJ Chat with Brian S Redd and John Young | #DJNTV

1. Know your music:

2. Empathy for those you are playing to music wise

3. This is a job, not the me show

4. Know the difference between too expensive and can’t afford it: It’s a lie

5. Go for the best, and go for your best: don’t sacrifice quality with your product


Larry: First thing a new dj has to know is his/her value: Figure out what your costs are and price accordingly

Scott: Don't try to be a swiss army knife DJ

brandon: Practice Makes Perfect (or a lot better)!

Scott Carroll don't try to be something your not

DJ Brandon Collab with other DJ's!

Scott Carroll Have a Very open mind

Reggie Kempf BUY subscription to a DJ paper or magazine

Howie Darkstar Be honest with yourself, don't gig until you're ready

Chris Simpson find a mentor

twisted mickey I think the more connected that music is to the person/event the more successful

jazzylamel know how to price yourself as a DJ and not under bid yourself

Larry Lesniewski A new Dj needs is the ability to communicate. First with the client to find out exactly what they want, then being able to speak well on a microphone and finally to sell himself and his abilities

Dave Clevenger Treat your job like a hobby and never work a day in your life

Scott Carroll Don't be cheap on equipment

jazzylamel know when to walk away from a gig when it's not a good fit for you

Kirk Holslin Create a business plan….track expenses and cross reference to an income

Jazzylamel no two DJ's on the same, try to differentiate and be a more unique dj with your brand and what you offer then labeling yourself as a regular DJ

Larry Lesniewski Find out what resources besides music/equip. Talking about venue mgr, legal and finance help.

DESMOMD NOEL dress the part

Howie Darkstar It is Show Business, Business is the operative word